Veggie Villian Mission 11!

Hi everyone Veggie villain (mission 11) came out a few moments ago and here are all the cheats. First The mission itself the mission 11 is one of the best mission on club penguin and that’s why the BillyBob had token so long to make it. I have already finished it in my other account. And there is a free item it is spy goggles.Here is a picture.

I think this is a great free item and club penguin is getting better every week. Now for the guide!

1.Speak to G, Tell him you are ready for your mission

2. Ask him if the seeds are corn Seeds

3.Go to the gift shop and talk to rookie

4.Pick up the Corn from the floor

5. Now go up to the gift shop office and talk to the Jet-pack guy

6.Pick up the Corn from the floor again.

7.Answer your Spyphone

8.Go back to the HQ

9.Talk to G again

10.Go to the Ski Village

11.Go to the Lighthouse

12. Pick up the Disc under the Piano

13. Pick up the Disc Cleaner. Its on the left.

14. Combine it with the DVD

15. Use it to Spray the DVD and then use the tissue to clean it

16.Put it back in your Inventory

I forgot to mention, to get a extra gift for the end of the mission:

  • Pick up the can
  • Go to the Dock and fill it up with water
  • Go to teh HQ and use garys machine to freeze the water.
  • Pick up the ICE.
  • Go back to the beacon and talk to the worker.
  • Give him the can.
  • Go to the ski village and use the lens to fix the penguins glasses.

17.Go back to the Ski Village

18. Pick up the disc from your inventory and put it on the Projector. Its located on the right of the big screen

19. Play the DVD.

20. Now use your wrench to open the strange box on the right of the Projector

21.The next puzzle is kinda tricky.

22. Herbert is located at the mine shack.

23. Get into the Corn Forest

24.Follow the pop corn

25.Pick up the piece of paper

26.Follow herberts footsteps to find the rest of the paper

27. The paper is instructions on how to raise super Corn.

28. When you reach the final location (after picking all 4 pieces of paper up) pick up the wood

29. Keep Waddling into the forest until you reach the river. Its kinda confusing check video for more info

30. Use the wood you picked up earlier to get across

31. Throw the Corn to the Lever so you can lower the Stairs

32. Plug off his computers power cord

33. You will be teleported back to HQ.

34. Click on the orange book below the emergency board

35. Solve the Puzzle by matching all the colors.

36. You’ll talk and them you’ll be given a award

Congratulations; you’ve completed Mission 11 “Veggie Villain”.

This awesome hopefully there will be a great mission 12 as welL!



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