Popcorn Caous Newspaper+HQ Destroyes+New Updates!

Well this is going to be a long post as you can see the title. Sorry for not updating FOR LONG! I know you’re angry with me anyway i will try to do these updates quickly.

Popcorn-corn chaos! #240

OK so the new newspaper is was out yesterday and the front headline screech:

“Popcorn Everywhere at Sport-Shop” This is all about everything exploding with popcorn and those people who have already finished Mission 11 will have obviously have realized Hebert’s behind all of this! Also the HQ has exploded with popcorn and at the end of Mission 11 Gary says that the PSA will be finished, however Billy bob is still saying that we should be on the watch-out for more things to come in the future. Also if  you look at the instructions at the HQ the first Letters of each line spell “EPF” which stands doe “Elite Penguin Force” in Nintendo DS games.

To Read the newspaper Click here.

New Updates!

Well Guys have you noticed the new Homepage for club penguin if not look,

In the pic You can see the popcorn and a new type of spy phone,hmmm…

As you can see there is a new type of agent when you click on the phone a new type of secret agent comes out i think the PSA are getting bored of the the old style and want to make it with a federal hat and a tie and a suit i would think that the new one is way better. Also Billy Bob said that get ready for more action soon. This could mean that the new club penguin game “Herbert Revenge” could have a  would be able to go to the HQ and Click on “the fish” book and buy  the new costume there and then use it while exploring The game. But that still leaves one question not answered why is it on the COMPUTER Club Penguin? Maybe it could be for us to have a sneak peek  for the new game. This is what i think but you are free to tell me what you think about the new updates!



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