Club Penguin Reviewed By You: Your Favourite Role In A Band

Hey everybody I’m Woffbuffet a new author on this website. Recently a new “Reviewed By You” has been published on the Community Blog! Last week Club Penguin wanted to know what your favourite role in a band would be? The winner, 472yellow said:

I personally like all of the positions, but i like playing the tuba. The tuba is so unique because it’s THE BIGGEST INSTRUMENT EVER! I also like rocking out with the tuba because all my friends laugh and pretend to throw tomatoes at me. Then, i have to run backstage with my big tuba. Then we take our instruments and go to the pizza parlor for candy pizza!

Cool review! This week Club Penguin have a rather popular question for us: Out of all the pins you’ve collected, which would you say is your favourite? Submit your review at the Club Penguin Community Blog here (50 – 75 words) If your review is chosen then you get 10,000 coins added to your penguin and your review chosen on the Community Blog next week!

Good luck!

Ninja o Dark Author


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