Change Clothes with Newspaper Glitch!

[Credits to Oreo2319 blog :

Hey Penguins,

Today i serached the internet and i found  Oreo2319 Blog. I scrolled down and found this new glitch where you can change your penguins items while the newspaper open! Follow these simple steps to see how this guide works!

Step 1.

Log in to Club Penguin and go to a room on Club Penguin and Ope up your player card. Then click on the arrow and drag the player card so one column of the items are off the page.

If you look the Christmas hat and the Green Base-Ball hat is half hidden!

Step 2.

Open up the newspaper and you will see that you can see your items on the right hand side of the page. Now the items that are visible you can Click on them and change your items once you close the newspaper you can see that your items have changed.

The good thing about this is that everyone can see you change your items while holding the newspaper! Wooo! Thanks to Oreo2319 for the glitch be sure to visit his site .

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