Penians Party (Club Penguin Blog)

Hello Penguins,

I haven’t partied with my fans in a long time, so I decided to have a party. In addition, there will also be a raffle for a Card Jitsu Code. Earn Penian Points to buy your tickets! The more tickets you buy the bigger chance to win! More on this topic later in the post. This party is going to be a blast! Look below for party details:

*RED ALERT* Party Date has been changed to Sunday, August 22. Still the same time.

Can’t see the image above? No worries! Details in text below:

  • Date: Sunday, August 22, 2010
  • Time: 1:00 PM Penguin standard time
  • Server: Sasquatch
  • Room: Ski Lodge

We’ll kick it off by playing a couple rounds of Find Four. We’ll be earning stamps and just having fun! Comment to become a V.I.P (Very important Penguin), and earn a bonus raffle ticket! The V.I.P. list is below:





9:00 AM United Kingdom
1:00 PM Pacific standard time
4:00 PM Eastern Standard TIme

Card Jitsu Code Raffle

As I said in the first paragraph, there is going to be a Card Jitsu Code Raffle right here on Club Penguin Blog.

How to earn raffle tickets?

Earning Raffle Tickets is as simple as being a fan of Penian4. All you have to do is earn Penian Points. Earn Penian Points by commenting (You better not spam because that won’t count!), following me on twitter, and coming to my parties like this one! To purchase a Raffle Ticket, enter the information required on the form below and click submit. The more raffle tickets the more of a chance to win! Each comment equals 3 raffle tickets. You can use your old Penian Points too. The rules are below:

  • Don’t use more then one account on the same computer. We will track you down! The consequences are dire! For example, you will be kicked out of the raffle.
  • Don’t spam if your earning Penian Points.
  • Make sure you enter correct information! Especially your email. We need it to send the card Jitsu code if you win!

Click here to view the form to get your raffle tickets

Penguins With Raffle Tickets

newjersey325 – 1 raffle ticket

Monchocho – 1 Raffle Ticket

gamerguy1 – 1 raffle ticket

NOTE: You must have enough Penian points to get your raffle tickets. Updated atleast every 3 days. The winner will be picked right after the party. Hope you can make it to the party and good luck!



3 Responses to “Penians Party (Club Penguin Blog)”

  1. 1 redflipper30 August 12, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    I love ur blog man!

    • 2 cool90695cp August 14, 2010 at 1:30 pm


    • 3 cool90695cp August 14, 2010 at 1:30 pm

      nice blog

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